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What shall I bring?

This is a list compiled over the years by many retreat attendees, posted for those of you who are new & might need some help deciding what to bring. These are just reminders of things you may want to think about, not requirements!


  • A Big Smile; an Open Mind; A Positive Attitude; Lots of Hugs; Your Singing Voice
  • Music player for your room
  • Camera/cell phone & charger
  • Laptop - NOTE: WiFi is available on campus and works very well (PC stations with internet & printers are available in Shepherd Hall near the Zodiac Zone)
  • Cooler - If you keep any food in your room. (There will be 3 meals a day at the cafeteria & also night time snacks in the Zodiac Zone~ you won't go hungry.)
  • Snacks to eat between classes before meals and to share at the Zodiac Zone (Contact Ann Kuehn - - for details on food donations for the Zodiac Zone)
  • Bottled water; also take a portable water bottle- the cafeteria has yummy flavored waters that you can add to your water bottle between trips to the cafeteria
  • Cokes or Beverage of choice, the cafeteria serves Pepsi and the vending machines only sells Pepsi products
  • Notebook, paper, pens etc.
  • Vitamins and all your prescriptions if you take any including pain reliever, sinus headaches, hay fever etc.
  • Reading material (in case you get bored, but really, not likely)
  • Drum, Rattle, Tambourine for "Drumming Circle" on Sunday night
  • Umbrella- it always rains at least once when you are trying to walk to the cafeteria
  • Note cards & small gifts if you plan to be a "Guardian Angel" to another person
  • Stuff you might want to donate for raffle; donations of your used books for the bookstore
  • Money to buy things: $10 for room key deposit; raffle tickets (bring pre-printed address labels from home if you plan to buy a lot of raffle tickets); water & juice from vending machines near classrooms; Spiritual Counseling/Consultation Sessions; and buying great stuff at the Enlightenment Emporium (Gift/Book Center). Credit cards are accepted.
  • Mosquito spray- some years the mosquitos are bad at night


  • Bathroom supplies - soap, shampoo, shower caddy (that hang on shower head - no shelves in the showers)
  • Old flip-flops or bath mat to use in the shower
  • Clothes hangers if you want to hang up your clothes out of your suitcase
  • Fan
  • Alarm Clock
  • Your own pillow, sheets, blanket(s), towels/washcloth. (The college provides a set of flat sheets, 2 towels, & 2 wash cloths as part of your registration fee.)
  • Fitted sheet for your mattress (the dorm provides only flat sheets) if you prefer
  • Night light
  • Drinking cup for your room
  • Rug for the bedroom floor- and/or bathroom floor
  • A couple big laundry baskets- easy loading & unloading from the car to your room
  • Power strip/extension cord to be able to charge all your devices
  • Dish soap for your travel mug that you'll wash in the room


  • Light jacket and/or sweatshirt - some classrooms get cool, including the auditorium. And if we have Drum Circle outside, it gets cool (in case of rain we'll have Drum Circle in the auditorium)
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Dress up clothes for Healing Service
  • Hawaiian shirt/clothes for "Hawaiian Day" on Tuesday
  • Bright colored clothes for "Chakra Wednesday" (Wear your favorite chakra color)

Other Notes:

*There are laundry facilities- but you need your own laundry soap & quarters *