Single Sessions are designed for those full-time retreatants who would like to sample a greater variety of topics, or for those who can only attend the retreat for a day or two. The workshop leader and/or topics change with each session. You can sign up for one A.M. Week Long Workshop OR five A.M. Single Sessions.


Rev. Normandi Ellis Chesterfield, IN
Normandi Ellis (www.normandiellis.com ) is an ordained Spiritualist minister, clairvoyant, and a priestess of the Goddess Isis (which is not a terrorist group, but a deity of nurturing and compassion). She has continued to lead trips to Egypt despite the unrest, because Love is the fuel for transformation. Author of 14 books, including many Egyptian books on metaphysics, magic, myth, and travel, her many works promote empathy, understanding, and planetary peace.

Minnie Kansman Lyons, MI
Minnie Kansman and her business Eco~Balance Humanity in Harmony with Nature have been assisting others with Feng Shui, Space Clearing, and the Nature Spirit Connection since 1994. She is a certified Master Feng Shui Consultant and Educator and a certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide. She lives lightly on the land and honors the power of Spirit in all things. Minnie is the author of Spirit Gardens: Rekindling our Nature Connection, and Missing Nana: Lessons from the Nature Spirits, a playful children’s story about the afterlife based on love.

2018 A.M. SINGLE SESSION WORKSHOPS (10:15 - 12:15)
Monday Morning

#9 Everyday Magic
Rev. Normandi Ellis Chesterfield, IN
We will study practical metaphysics, including natural law and how to make it work for you and through you. The Four Powers of the Sphinx help us learn to use natural law to summon our courage, and to create the life we desire and the will to carry through on our intentions. We will learn to put our magic where our mouth is!

#10 The Fear of Clutter Clearing
Minnie Kansman Lyons, MI
The first step to Clutter Clearing is in understanding why you are hanging on so tightly to your stuff. Through meditation and discussion let’s discover the real reason it may be so difficult to let go. Energetically we are attached to everything we own. Is it time for you to release some of it? Part one of two classes.

Tuesday Morning

#11 The Sorcerer’s Notebook
Rev. Normandi Ellis Chesterfield, IN
Planning with planets, numbers, candles, and the metaphysical journal. This class offers a little bit of working with astrology and reading an emphemeris, working with numerology to get the results we want, candleburning rituals, and a few notes on how and why keeping a metaphysical journal is important.

#12 Time to take Action
Minnie Kansman Lyons, MI
Let’s discuss the physical act of releasing your clutter. How do you start and where? Find a system that will work for you, as you gratefully say goodbye to items no longer serving you. There is freedom in the letting go, and in creating space for your next adventure. Part two, of two but can also be a stand alone class.

Wednesday Morning

#13 Invoking the Life You Want to Evoke
Rev. Normandi Ellis Chesterfield, IN
Mystics pray. Metaphysicians invoke. A discussion of metaphysical ethics and crafting a life under divine protection. We will study prayers and invocations in various traditions, as well as write personal invocations of our own to manifest the life we want.

#14 Becoming a Spirit Doula
Minnie Kansman Lyons, MI
Assisting your loved ones as they prepare to make their final earth transition is both a powerful and humbling experience. Spirit often calls us to do this work, and it is helpful to have some tools in your backpack to make the process more mindful. Let’s discuss ways to create loving and peaceful environments no matter where you are, in a hospital room, nursing home, or at home with Hospice.

Thursday Morning

#15 Altar-ing Your Life
Rev. Normandi Ellis Chesterfield, IN
Using the various tools of the metaphysician (both mental and physical), we will talk about how to put them all together to manifest a vision for your life. This session includes what to put on your altar, when as well as how, and when and what to say for invocations. Includes a discussion of seasonal energies, and a hands-on practicum for making and using holy water.

#16 Feng Shui Room by Room
Minnie Kansman Lyons, MI
Join Minnie as she takes you on a Feng Shui journey room by room of your home. What are the hazards? Items to look for and ways to foster a positive meandering Chi flow for our home and our lives. How do we make our home reflect who we are and what we would like to create?

Friday Morning

#17 Full Moon Meditation in Leo/Aquarius
Rev. Normandi Ellis Chesterfield, IN
After a study of full moon energies, we will conduct a meditation using the power and light of Leo/ Aquarius. This meditation works with the energies of the Sphinx for planetary healing and for personal soul advancement.

#18 Nature is the Best Medicine
Minnie Kansman Lyons, MI
Nature connection experiences have been scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and even the cortisol levels associated with stress and cancer. Spending time with Nature nourishes our spiritual body, as well as our physical one. Let’s experiment with ideas to create this connection easily and effortlessly in our daily lives. (Class will be adapted for indoors in case of inclement weather or giant mosquitoes)

2018 P.M. SINGLE SESSION WORKSHOPS (3:15 - 5:15)

Amy Auset Rohn Indianapolis, IN
Amy Auset Rohn (www.thegoddessinside.com) is an ordained Priestess of Isis through the Fellowship of Isis, clairvoyant-medium, harpist, spiritual coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Oracle who leads others on a journey back to themselves through the magic that is Egypt, the body, and intuition. Her courses are taught in alignment with the Egyptian Pantheon to help you find clarity, open your intuition, and re-ignite your passion for life. They are deeply alchemical and powerful in their practicality. An artist of many modalities, you can experience her music at http://www.thelittleharpist.com and her photography at http://www.ausetimages.com..

Mary Lemons Albermarle, NC
Mary Lemons  (www.healingwholeself.net) is founder of Inner Awakenings, a holistic healing practice for all species. Since the 1990s, Mary has taught workshops and lectured at spiritual conferences throughout the United States. She is a spiritual intuitive and animal communicator, a Healing Touch Practitioner, SoulCollage® Facilitator, and Reiki Master. Mary is certified in Thymo-Kinesiology for both humans and animals. She incorporates her animals into her work when teaching at her family’s LL Quarter Horse Farm in North Carolina.

Sunday Afternoon

#19 Building a Spiritual Business
Amy Auset Rohn Indianapolis, IN
You’ve got spiritual gifts that you want to get out in the world... but how do you do that? In this workshop you will get an overview of some of the things to consider when building your unique spiritually-based business. Websites, email lists, how to get the word out, what to focus on... we will cover all of these and more!

#20 Animal Communication
Mary Lemons Albemarle, NC
Inter-species communication is real and practical. Understanding communication principles enhances your relationship with animals. Communicating spiritually goes beyond your third-dimensional existence, opening you to new perspectives of non-humans. Accessing your intuition, you will personally experience communicating on a soul level.

Monday Afternoon

#21 The Business of Spirituality: Workshops & Retreats
Amy Auset Rohn Indianapolis, IN
So, you have a spiritual business and want to expand beyond your part of the world and venture into other areas of the country to enjoy travel, networking, serving more people, and manifesting abundance. We will get an overview of some of the things to consider when putting together a retreat, and how to collaborate with others to bring success from venues, presenters, and participants. Learn how to choose your team of presenters, location and logistics, pricing and profit.

#22 Energetic First Aid
Mary Lemons Albemarle, NC
Learn energy healing techniques effective with both humans and animals. With a classmate you will experience giving and receiving healing energy. Partnering your body and your spirit, you will activateand balance your chakras through a chakra balancing meditation.

Tuesday Afternoon

#23 How Past Lives Heal the Present
Amy Auset Rohn Indianapolis, IN
Where DID you come from? Who is in your Soul Family? All the things that you do and that make you YOU are part of your body and spirit on a cellualr level. Work with your past, memories, experiences, and fears to better understand your present life and its challenges. This will be an experiential workshop filled with deep insight and magic... invite it in!

#24 Earth, Fire, Water, Air and You!
Mary Lemons Albemarle, NC
Relating earth, fire, water, and air to your chakra system strengthens and attunes you to the rhythm of the Universe. These elements have unique, powerful characteristics. Attuning to them gives you more self-awareness and can create healing on many levels.

Wednesday Afternoon

#25 Using Egyptian Archetypes for Better Relationships
Amy Auset Rohn Indianapolis, IN
The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses are not just Beings who are “out there,” out of reach, and unconcerned about our lives here on this plane of existence. They are compassionate and loving individuals who care deeply about our pain and celebrate our successes alongside of us as any good friend would. They are here with us to share their guidance in relationships.

#26 Releasing Stress and Living Meditatively
Mary Lemons Albemarle, NC
Putting closure on your day allows your spirit to work more deeply with your subconscious during sleep. Doing everyday activities mindfully keeps you fully present, strengthening you energetically and physically. The power of your breath centers you, changing your perspective.

Thursday Afternoon

#27 Divination and Mediumship
Amy Auset Rohn Indianapolis, IN
How many decks of oracle cards do you have in your Spiritual Toolbox? Is there one deck that calls to you or that you would like to understand better... and what is Mediumship? Bring your oracle cards, your open heart, and a sense of humor (you know the Universe will!) and learn how to tap in and give messages to others and use divination in your own life.

#28 Dance of the Dragonfly
Mary Lemons Albemarle, NC
Dragonfly moves us beyond the illusion of our limitations. Joyfully transform something in yourpersonal or professional life. Create a new perspective for a new adventure, or energize a current situation. Partner with the dragonfly creating sacred space for transformation.