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2020 Retreat Presenters

Weeklong Morning Workshops:
Dr. Jon Mundy
 - Weeklong Morning Workshop # 1 & Wednesday Morning Lecture

Rev. Normandi Ellis - Weeklong Morning Workshop # 2 & Thursday Morning Lecture

Weeklong Afternoon Workshops:
Frank Graham - Weeklong Afternoon Workshop # 3

Mary Lemons - Weeklong Afternoon Workshop # 4 & Sunday Evening Lecture

Single Session AM & PM Workshops:
Heather Barrett - Morning Single Session # 5, Afternoon Single Session # 15

Jenna Billings - Afternoon Single Session # 22, 24

Letha Cupp - Morning Single Session # 8, 10

Rev. John Davis - Afternoon Single Session # 17 & Monday Morning Lecture

Minnie Kansman - Morning Single Session # 12, Afternoon Single Session # 16, 18

Jim Puskala - Afternoon Single Session # 23 & Monday Evening Lecture

Katheryn Rutherford - Morning Single Session # 11, 13, Afternoon Single Session # 20 & Tuesday Morning Lecture

David Schroeder - Morning Single Session #9, Afternoon Single Session # 19

Jewel Shelden - Morning Single Session # 7, Afternoon Single Sessio # 21, & Tuesday Afternoon Lecture

Rev. Diane Stark - Morning Single Session # 6

Rev. Jama Young - Afternoon Single Session # 14


2020 Spiritual Counselors


  • Jeanna Billings
  • Bev Boerman
  • Letha Cupp
  • Rev. John Davis
  • Rev. Normandi Ellis
  • Frank Graham
  • Nan Hunt
  • Mary Lemons
  • Jim Puskala
  • Adrianna Rochelle
  • Kathery Rutherford
  • David Schroeder
  • Teresa Schroeder
  • Jewel Sheldon
  • Deb Swingholm
  • Niki VanderWilp
  • Rev. Jama Young

CONSULTATION appointments will be available at the Retreat during Free Time. Information on consultants will be mailed/ emailed to you along with your registration confirmation. Once you have received your registration confirmation, you can pre-register for appointments. It is advised to pre-register for appointments if there is a certain counselor that you would like to meet with. This will give you first choice and also eliminate the long lines often experienced when signing up at the Retreat. Fees are $50 for a 25-minute session and $90 for a 55-minute session, except as otherwise noted. Please note that some consultations will require your birth date, accurate birth time, and birth place. Consultations are provided for entertainment purposes.


Meet Your 2020 Retreat Presenters

Dr. Jon Mundy is an author, lecturer, the publisher of Miracles magazine and Director of the Miracles Studies Program for All Faiths Seminary in New York City.  He taught courses in Philosophy and Religion from 1967 to 2008 at the New School University and the State University of New York specializing in The History of Mysticism.  The author of 10 books, his newest book is A Course in Mysticism and Miracles.  His previous book, Living A Course in Miracles has become a perennial best-seller and now exists in 8 languages.  He has also produced 137 YouTube presentations on A Course in Miracles.

Jon met Dr. Helen Schucman (Shuck-man) the scribe of A Course in Miracles in 1973.  Helen introduced Jon to the Course and served as his counselor till she became ill in 1980.

He also appears on occasion as Dr. Baba Jon Mundane, a standup philosopher comedian.

Normandi Ellis is back by popular demand for her fourth summer with us. She is is the author of many books of fiction and non-fiction. She has translated the spiritual classic, Awakening Osiris, from the hieroglyphs in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Normandi is an ordained priestess in the Fellowship of Isis and leads trips to Egypt with She is a Spiritualist Medium, Past President of the National Association of the Poetry Therapy Foundation, and a Board Member of the Association of the Study of Women and Mythology. Normandi presents workshops around the country and lives in Camp Chesterfield, IN. The information contained in this year's workshop is drawn from Normandi’s latest book The Union of Isis and Thoth: Initiatory Practices of Ancient Egypt (Bear & Co., 2015). Normandi lives and works in Camp Chesterfield, Indiana. You can visit Normandi's website

Normandi will have books for sale in the gift store, The Enlightenment Emporium. Normandi will also be available for private consultation appointments during the free time each day.

Frank Graham has been a metaphysical minister for fourteen years. He has done extensive research on angelology, the elements, humours of the body, spiritual theory, spiritual philosophy, spiritual geometry, spiritual physics, practical spiritual energy application, protection, demonology, ancient mythology, and the Hermetica.

He is also certified as a master crystalogist through Melodies Crystal Healing. He has lectured for graduate students at Michigan State University, Central Michigan University, and at the annual Convocation conference. He was an adviser for student groups at MSU.

Mary Lemons teaches workshops, gives lectures, facilitates healing services. She has done intuitive readings and body work at Southeastern Spiritual Conference in Greensboro, NC. She has also taught at Life Spectrums in Pennsylvania, and at the International Expressive Arts Therapists Association Conference in North Carolina. For numerous years she has done Spirit Circles at Catherine Anderson Art Studio in Charlotte, North Carolina and at A.R.E. Retreat in Wildacres, North Carolina. Her various workshops have different focuses, but they all create the sacred space in which we understand the oneness of all creation, and the different ways through which Spirit works in our lives.

Mary Lemons,, is the founder of Inner Awakenings, a holistic healing practice for all species. A Spiritual Intuitive and Animal Communicator, Mary has helped innumerable people and animals deal with both emotional and physical concerns. She is the author of My Best Friend is Dying: What Do I Do, which is a spiritual and practical journey through your animal’s transition. Mary is a Healing Touch Practitioner, SoulCollage® Facilitator, and Reiki Master. She is also certified in Thymo-Kinesiology for both human and animals. Mary teaches workshops throughout the United States, conducts private sessions in-person or by phone, and facilitates Spirit Circles regularly in Charlotte, NC. Mary lives in Albemarle, NC.

Mary will also be offering private consultation sessions during the free time hours.

Heather Barrett is the owner of a metaphysical store, All My Relations, in Indianapolis, IN. She is an Ordained Minister, Reiki Master, Life Coach and trained in the use of Etheric Weavers.  She has been involved in the metaphysical realm for over 30 years as a practitioner and teacher.   Through the private sessions, workshops and classes she teaches; she helps people to understand who they are, what their potential is and grow spiritually.

Jenna Billings has a life long affinity with the natural world.  She intuitively knew that animal guides surround us and shamanic training taught her that each of us are born with Power Animals, sent to give us guidance, support and protection. Working within the realm of Spirit, Jeanna will assist you in connecting with your special Animal Ally and learn what gifts they bring into your life. Following a brief shamanic journey, she will deliver your Power Animal’s wisdom directly to you.  Jeanna’s gifts as a Power Animal Intuitive will introduce you to the mystical world of your personal Animal Guardian.  Jeanna is an ordained minister, animal communicator, Reiki Master/Energyworker, canine massage provider and Certified Crystal Healer.

Letha Cupp also known as Gypsy Sol, is an empath, intuitive, and reiki master. Since 1986, Letha has performed on stage with college theatre, as a singer in a rock and roll band, and as a dancer in a middle eastern performance troupe. In 1998, she began a public relations career that included multiple public speaking opportunities, and later, a few media spokesperson opportunities. In 2019, she stepped out of her comfort zone and attended a 6 week Comedy Improv Workshop to strengthen her ability to think and speak in the moment. From that experience, she made a connection of working more from the gut instinct rather than the ego when giving intuitive readings.

She has been creating abstract art with alcohol ink for over a year. Many of her pieces displayed images as the ink dried on the paper. She found a unique connection between the meditative stance of working with a fluid medium and the way the Universe communicates through this process. She took art classes in college, but is mostly a crafter and creator. She uses her alcohol ink creations in graphic design projects for commercial usage, such as brochures, logos and backdrop images.

Rev. John Davis is Director of the Coptic Fellowship International, an action-oriented modern philosophy based upon laws of balanced living originally introduced by the Egyptian Mystery Schools.  He is also Director of the Spiritual Unity of Nations, dedicated to “The World as One Family,” and Founder of the World Service Order program, training metaphysical leaders since 1985.  John is an Egyptologist who has taken 32 tours to Egypt, and an internationally-known personal and planetary numerologist who has given over 13,000 numerology readings.

Another area of John’s expertise is in the Science of Numbers.  He has interpreted over 13,000 personality profiles during the last 30 years of investigation into the ancient Kabala and related sciences.  He decoded the Book of Revelation in his book “Revelation For Our Time” revealing a positive prophecy for the coming times. 

John is President of World Light Travels, one of the first metaphysical organizations introducing worldwide tours to Earth Power Places.  He is also Director of Spiritual Unity of Nations (S.U.N.).  S.U.N. conducts unity-motivated conferences worldwide.



Minnie Kansman and her business Eco~Balance Humanity in Harmony with Nature have been assisting others with Feng Shui, Sacred Space Clearing, and Nature Spirit Connection since 1994. She is a certified Master Feng Shui Consultant and Educator and a certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide. Minnie is the author of Spirit Gardens: Rekindling our Nature Connection, and Missing Nana: Lessons from the Nature Spirits. She is also a co-host of the radio show Nature Adventures and owner of Nature Travel Adventures, taking travelers on Sacred Earth adventures around the world. She lives lightly on the land and honors the power of Spirit in all things.

Minnie's website is

Jim Puskala is a certified Reiki Master and an ordained Spiritualist Minister. He uses his intuitive awakening to help others find their path. In 1993 he brought his spiritual awareness to a higher level through attending classes in Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International of St Joseph, MI and has attended a wide variety of classes and workshops since that time. He also teaches and practices Sound Therapy with Soma Energetic Tuning Forks, Emotional Polarity, Touch for Health, Ama Deus, Whole Life Integration, and Reiki. He currently lives in Indianapolis, and teaches and practices at All My Relations.

Katheryn Rutherford ( is a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Karmic Reiki Master/Teacher, and the resident clairvoyant/medium at ReAlive Metaphysical & Repurposing Marion, Iowa. She holds a Bachelor degree in Metaphysical Humanistic Science and is the founder of CrystalClearVision and Marion Reiki Center.  Katheryn has been teaching classes in Chakra Healing, Reiki, meditation, and Spirit Guide Communication for over 10 years in the Iowa area.  Her assistance in finding healing and her introductory classes to the chakra system are well known in the Iowa area and she is excited to bring her classes to this retreat.

David Schroeder, LMSW, CPCis a clinical and spiritual social worker, life coach and author. For 18 years, in his practice, Transition Pathways, David assists individuals, couples and groups in discovering healthy pathways to love, higher awareness and greater potential. He conducts a variety of workshops on topics such as: spirituality and self-esteem, Just Be Love: The Soul's Journey (based on this book Just Be Love).  Conscious Relationship and more.

In David's own journey, he has learned the importance of self-love, acceptance and honoring his perfection within his imperfections.  David lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his loving wife Terese. He values helping others, time with family and friends, walks in nature, meditation, traveling and connection with Source.  For more information about David, please go to Find him on his Just Be Love Facebook page as well.

His book: Just Be Love: Messages on the Spiritual and Human Journey. Begins with a moving account of a mystical experience David Schroeder had that inspired him to write this book. Just Be Love explores the many aspects of love from both our human and spiritual perspective. He reflects on love that is familiar to us and he takes us to the hidden, mysterious and paradoxical aspects of where love is often not realized. David weaves his personal and professional experience, insights and reflections on love, as well as the wisdom and teachings of the spiritual masters and poets of many traditions. This book guides us to explore and contemplate again and again that our purpose and reason for being is to Just Be Love.


Jewel Shelden author and lecturer, has made a life-long study of palmistry and dermatoglyphics, reading 1000’s of hands at corporate and university events, and for private groups.  She works as a professional psychic consultant and spiritual counselor on a daily basis. She is a certified hypnotherapist, ordained minister and Reiki master. She has been a guest psychic on radio shows in Ann Arbor, and presented esoteric classes for Ann Arbor Seminars, Great Lakes Retreat and Kellogg Community College.  Jewel instructs in a variety of occult subjects and supports the sharing of ancient and secret information.

Rev. Diane Stark has been an educator and a spiritual leader throughout a lifetime of service.  She graduated from the U of Md, and was ordained by Unity Worldwide Ministries.  She has conducted spiritual gatherings and experiential workshops for community and religious groups in her home town of Washington, D.C., as well as Kansas City, MO, and now Muskegon, MI.

Rev. Jama is a spirit artist and the founder of Art by Jama. She is the creator of Prayer Urns, vessels of hope and faith that are used in spiritual rituals. Her artwork appears in private collections throughout the country and in the permanent collection at the Richmond Art Museum in Indiana. Her calling is to promote spirituality and introduce people to prayer, manifestation, and creative meditation. She is a clairvoyant and an Usui Reiki master healer. She holds a BFA in Fine Arts from Indiana University and has been an ordained minister since 2007.