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Retreat Theme: The Wisdom of Manifesting Light on Earth: Every day, every hour, every minute … we have a choice of how we are going to live in this world. What do we align our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, and our actions with? There is so much chaos and change as we let go of the old and move into the energy of the Aquarian Age. Transformation is everywhere!

The Wisdom of Manifesting Light on Earth is to embrace this change, and align ourselves with the flow of Light and work with these new energies. Using the spiritual gifts of transformation we have learned over this and many other lifetimes, we can join together and create a world of Love, Cooperation, and Peace. We can manifest the power of darkness … or we can Manifest the Power of LIGHT, it is up to us!

2018 is a Universal 29/11 year. The # 11 is a Master Number Vibration with the qualities of a Visionary. It is imbued with idealism, and guided by intuition and revelation. The #11 energy challenges us to release our old, out-dated ideas in preparation for creating the future. In Esoteric Numerology, the 29/11 is symbolized by the Three of Wands in the Tarot. The Wands represent Spiritual Power … the ability to tune into our true inner powers, and bring them out into the Light and test them in the world of form. The Three of Wands is asking us to change our thought process … and make this power available.

Astrologically, we will be under a Grand Trine this year. In mid-July the planets Venus, Saturn, and Uranus will all be in Earth signs, and an Earth trine creates the ability to manifest and create an easy flow of energy. Venus in Virgo values organization and work, Saturn in Capricorn, ancient knowledge, and Uranus in Taurus, manifesting the future. The combination of these energies will help to create balance and order, and make ancient wisdom available to us this summer … as we gather together at Olivet College! We invite you to join us for this wonderful week at The Great Lakes Retreat, as we work with the amazing energy of:

The Wisdom of Manifesting Light on Earth ~ Cindy Berry-Addis (Many thanks to Joelene Von Koenig for her Astrological insights)

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