2017 Workshops

A.M. Workshops (10:15-12:15 each day)

PLEASE NOTE: You can sign up for one Morning Workshop OR five A.M. Single Sessions, but not both!

#1 Unveiling Your Hidden Potential

Cyndi SilvaCyndi Silva (Read more about Cyndi)

There's a growing need to understand and cultivate timeless wisdom in our lives. Traditional esoteric knowledge in the form of the I'Ching, Kabbalah, Hermetics and Astrology can feel foreign, archaic and detached from our everyday lives. These same teachings can be unveiled and applied in completely practical ways. During this workshop you will discover a synthesis of esoteric systems that produce a glimpse into your personal DNA imprinting in the form a hologenetic profile.

Due to the interactive nature of this course, enrollment is limited to 16 participants. Participants are required to provide birth date, accurate birth time, and birth location.

#2 The Hindu Way of Awakening

Fred StellaFred Stella (Read more about Fred)

We will examine the philosophy, theology, and rituals of the world’s oldest major religion. What is it about this tradition that allowed it to survive and flourish in the wake of Egypt, Greece, Rome, and other ancient paths? We will study its truths and find out how they might be relevant in today’s society in the face of science, skepticism, and consumerism. One of the most endearing traditions in Hinduism is Kirtan, congregational chanting. This attracts many from all faiths or no faith. One of our class sessions will be devoted to experiencing this transcendental practice.

#3 Abundance and Prosperity: Creating a Wealthy Mindset

Darcy Davis-BegheinDarcy Davis-Beghein (Read more about Darcy)

It is human nature to desire to live in greater abundance and prosperity! In this fun, interactive workshop, you will explore beliefs around prosperity to deepen your understanding of how one creates a healthy, wealthy mindset. Through the practical application of prosperity principles, you will identify subconscious blocks that affect financial ease; gain tools to attract more abundance, and align with the Universal Laws to accelerate personal prosperity results. I invite you into this transformational experience to help you build a conscious relationship with abundance and prosperity!

#4 Introduction into Mediumship & More

Jim PuskalaJim Puskala (Read more about Jim)

In this class we will explore the basic guidelines and instructions to enable the students to become Mediums. We will practice all sensory perceptions such as sight, hearing, smell, etc., to enhance your skills towards Mediumship. This will be an interactive class with opportunities for everyone to participate. By the end of the class, the goal is for the students to be able to give messages to each  other.

#5 Shamanic Alchemy through the Goddess

Amy Auset RohnAuset Rohn (Read more about Auset)

The most powerful alchemy happens on the dark side of the moon, in moments of the Dark Night of the Soul where the Egyptian Goddess Nephthys works her divine magic.  Within this sacred space of the Self she will guide you deep into your own stories, reveal your mysteries through shamanic journeying, teach you how to transform your stories, and ignite your Divine spark.

P.M. Workshops (3:45-5:45 each day)

PLEASE NOTE: You can sign up for one Afternoon Workshop OR five P.M. Single Sessions, but not both!

#6 Unity through Diversity

Rev. Derek WelchRev. Derek Welch (Read more about Derek)

Through simple and time proven experiences, our workshop will point us back to holding the Truth and Power of Who We Really Are. We will find our way back to remembering the strength of our Mind, the courage of our Hearts, and the Truth of our Selves. A Dynamic, Infinite Love.


#7 Healing Through Past Life and Regression Therapy

Bonnie CripeBonnie Cripe (Read more about Bonnie)

In this informative and experiential workshop you will learn how your past lives, ancestral lines and present circumstances all come together to create the life you are currently living. Some of the topics we will be discussing are soul groups, karma, beliefs and postulates as well as traumatic experiences and attachments in your energy field. If you ever wondered if you have had a past life with someone you know, maybe this is the time to find out!

#8 SoulCollage®

Mary LemonsMary Lemons (Read more about Mary)

SoulCollage® is a conversation with your soul. You create guidance cards from pictures that you intuitively select. It is amazing how your random selection of images mesh into a kaleidoscope of awareness and insight. SoulCollage® is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, an evolving process to which you can return any time. Pondering a card you make one day may bring you a new perspective months later. Your cards will be a continual source of insight from your higher self.

#9 Dreamweb: Weaving Your Dreams into Reality

Dani EhlenfeldtDani Ehlenfeldt (Read more about Dani)

Dream Weaving is the shamanic practice of manifesting reality into being. The Dreamweb is the place where worlds meet, and where all potential realities are able to co-exist. The Dreamweb is your gateway, making it yourself you entrust it to hold your place and power in the interface while you weave your dreams into reality. In this class you will create your Dreamweb and learn use it as a tool to shift your energies and manifest your dreams. We all have magic within us, maybe we all need to dream bigger dreams.

Class Supply Fee: $10.

#10 The Truth About Isis

Normandi EllisNormandi Ellis (Read more about Normandi)

Isis is a goddess of compassion—not a terrorist group. Learn the stories of Isis, the loses, griefs, and anger that fueled her woman strength, her community work and her compassion. Early Christians and Muslims tried to excise her from memory, only to incorporate her ancient teachings in their canons. Finally, we shift our focus forward in an effort to see what love and wisdom She still has to offer and what that might mean for the modern world.