2017 Single Sessions

Single Sessions are designed for those full time retreatants who would like to sample a greater variety of topics or for those who can only attend the retreat for a day or two. The workshop leader and topics change with each session.

A.M. Single Sessions (10:15-12:15)

PLEASE NOTE: You can sign up for one Morning Workshop OR five A.M. Single Sessions, but not both!

Monday Morning (choose one)

#11 The Health Benefits of Singing Bowl Massage

Dr. Antonio SieiraDr. Antonio Sieira (Read more about Antonio)

The emphasis will be on the fact that we all have the ability to “receive” and thus “feel” the positive frequencies of singing bowls though “feeling” the vibrations along with hearing and “listening” to the vibrations. Each participant will have the opportunity to experience “Singing Bowl BodyMind Massage”.

#12 Basic Reflexology

Linda KrejcikLinda B. Krejcik (Read more about Linda)

Join us in this fun hands-on- feet workshop. You will learn to facilitate healing and relaxation by activating the nerve endings on the feet which correspond to specific body parts.


Tuesday Morning (choose one)

#13 Meditation Sound Healing

Dr. Antonio SieiraDr. Antonio Sieira (Read more about Antonio)

This session on "Meditation Sound Healing" will include the Practice of the Five Tibetan Buddhist Warrior Syllables. The practice of meditation sound healing is a practice that leads to the release of limiting, negative behavioral patterns of bodymind, and helps one to achieve a more positive existence. The ultimate objective of this practice is to bring recognition of the true self and our relationships to others with respect to loving kindness, compassion and joy. It enhances our practice of Metta within and to all beings across the universe. The session will culminate with the chant of the Metta Sutta in its original ancient language (Pali) and all participants will be given a copy of this inspiring Sutta translated in English.

#14 Healing the Earth with the Moon & Stars!

Dani EhlenfeldtDani Ehlenfeldt (Read more about Dani)

Biodynamics is the oldest organized form of organic gardening and agriculture. Biodynamics is about working in harmony with Nature and the Earth's cycles. It is easy, simple, and powerful.

Learn the basics and how it will heal your life and the Earth.

Class Fee Optional: A biodynamic starter kit will be available for $22

Wednesday Morning (choose one)

#15 Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditative Concert with Tibetan Style Chant

Mark HandlerMark Handler (Read more about Mark)

This ancient sound technology passively guides us into powerful meditative states. Many have experienced profound inner peace, pain relief, bliss, and the release of emotional blocks. Many have reported the concerts to be an intense catalyst for spiritual transformation. Experience the wonderful feelings inside. For those who wish to incorporate this approach into your practice, meditative singing bowl CDs and rare antique singing bowls will be available to play and/or purchase.

#16 Let it Go!

Minnie KansmanMinnie Kansman (Read more about Minnie)

Is the clutter in your life taking over your life? Discover the positive aspects of creating more space through the methodical physical clearing and releasing of what you no longer need. Go home with incentive to treat your living space with the respect and love it deserves.


Thursday Morning (choose one)

#17 Release the Pain from your Past, Create the Future you Desire

Shannon ElhartShannon Elhart (Read more about Shannon)

In this workshop, Shannon Elhart, will show you how to release the pain from your past. Everyone has difficult experiences in life, but there is a difference between pain and suffering. Using pain as a catalyst for personal growth, a deeper understanding of self, and a broader expression of compassion - it can then be transformed into something you use to create the life you truly desire.

#18 Energetic Clearing & Blessing of Your Home

Minnie KansmanMinnie Kansman (Read more about Minnie)

Honoring your Home as a Sacred Space is a way of also honoring yourself. Learn simple Space Clearing techniques to energetically cleanse, re-energize, bless and set new intentions for your life through the template of your home.


Friday Morning (choose one)

#19 Open Floor Movement Practice

Elizabeth BarnumElizabeth Barnum (Read more about Elizabeth)

Allow your body to attune with its innate wisdom and let your heart be infused with life force. Open Floor Movement Practice invites us to be curious and present to what’s happening now – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Come dance!


#20 Unsent Letters; Giving You a Peace of My Mind

Normandi EllisNormandi Ellis (Read more about Normandi)

Anger and fear are fuel for phoenix pyre. Use that fire to transform yourself as a light worker. We will craft unsent letters and transform ourselves into compassionate creatures of light.


P.M. Single Sessions (3:45-5:45)

PLEASE NOTE: You can sign up for one Afternoon Workshop OR five P.M. Single Sessions, but not both!

Sunday Afternoon (choose one)

#21 Techniques to Fulfill Your Spiritual Destiny

John DavisJohn Davis (Read more about John)

This class will give you personal tools for spiritual transformation & higher consciousness. Workshop subjects include interpretation of ancient truth in becoming a Light of the World. Learn perspective and insight into oneself in relation to earth, humanity and the New Age transformation. Provide many of the lost and hidden keys to understanding and applying techniques in the quest of self-mastery and eventual Christ and God consciousness.

#22 The Spiritual Psychology of the Chakras Part 1

Janet LeonardJanet Leonard (Read more about Janet)

The Chakras are an elegant window to the soul, located along the "etheric" spine in the subtle anatomy. We can learn much through deepening our understanding of their qualities, attributes and Spiritual nuances and how they affect our health & well-being. Come join me for this 2-Day Workshop as we journey through the 7 Major Chakras... Clearing, Toning & Balancing them through a variety of modalities. It will be informative, fun, creative and uplifting. I look forward to sharing with you! Please bring coloured pencils and/or markers, to each day's class.

Monday Afternoon (choose one)

#23 The Spiritual Psychology of the Chakras Part 2

Janet LeonardJanet Leonard (Read more about Janet)

In Part 2 of our workshop we will continue our journey through the 7 Major Chakras, clearing, toning, and balancing them using a variety of modalities. This is an informative, fun, creative and uplifting experience. Don’t forget your colored pencils.

#24 How Sweet the Sound: Healing Through Toning and Chanting

Darcy Davis-BegheinDarcy Davis-Beghein (Read more about Darcy)

Learn to consciously use toning and chanting to direct and move energy to heal, energize, and create community.  You do not need to be a “singer” to enjoy the benefits of using your voice; just be willing to participate!  Join me for this interactive workshop and learn about the powerful tool of sound!


Tuesday Afternoon (choose one)

#25 The Runes As A Personal Journey to Mastery - Part 1

Laura MacLachlanRev. Laura MacLachlan (Read more about Laura)

The Viking Runes have been used as a Divinational Tool since ancient times. The journey begins with The Self-which is sometimes the last place we look when seeking to understand our journey on this earth plane! We begin, one by one, both today and tomorrow, through a five act play of unfoldment and enlightenment by understanding the meaning of each of the 25 Runes. We will be using Ralph Blum’s set of Runes as our jumping off point, so if you have them, bring them to class. The class is closed after day 1.

#26 Explore the Wonderful Healing Energies of Stones & Crystals

Heather BarrettHeather Barrett (Read more about Heather)

We will learn: How to choose them and clear them, how to use pendulums, grids, elixirs and other healing modalities. This is a hands-on class, so come have fun!



Wednesday Afternoon (choose one)

#27 The Runes As A Personal Journey to Mastery - Part 2

Laura MacLachlanRev. Laura MacLachlan (Read more about Laura)

The Runic journey continues. Along the way we receive Signals which are triggers for the beginning of new life chapters/lessons. This is the sub set called the Cycle of Initiation. We discover how using the new understanding of what is being presented will allow these changes to happen with much more grace and self assurance. Prerequisite: Part 1.

#28 Life Cleansing Journey & Sun Meditation Using Energized Breath

Steve KrejcikSteve Krejcik (Read more about Steve)

In this active journey of the breath we will travel to a most sacred place within - where body, mind and spirit unite in one thought of love. We will then journey to the sun to transform our bodies into luminous beings that heal, age and perceive the world differently. Please bring a matt, blanket, pillow, and eye cover and do not eat for 2 hours prior to class. (Class limit: 20.)

Thursday Afternoon (choose one)

#29 The Runes As A Personal Journey to Mastery - Part 3

Laura MacLachlanRev. Laura MacLachlan (Read more about Laura)

Included in the workshop will be the creation of your Personal Destiny Profile for this life. It is the equivalent of your Numerology chart or your Astrological Natal chart. We will also discuss spreads and do readings for each other as time permits. Prerequisite: Parts 1 and 2.

#30 Journey into the Paranormal

Dusty RussellDusty Russell (Read more about Dusty)

If you have ever wondered about things that “go bump in the night,” join Dusty, an accomplished paranormal investigator, for discussions on how and why paranormal investigations are done, unexplainable experiences, and her adventures in some of the most haunted places in the world.