2017 Retreat Presenters

Elizabeth Barnum

Elizabeth BarnumElizabeth Barnum has been part of the conscious dance community since 2000, trained as a 5Rhythms® teacher in 2005 and as an Open Floor teacher in 2016. She brings devotion, curiosity, and enthusiasm to her teaching practice.

Heather Barrett

Heather BarrettHeather Barrett has been coming to The Great Lakes Retreat for about 19 years. You can find her in the Enlightenment Emporium selling many wonderful stones and other items that she brings. Heather is the owner of “All My Relations”, a Metaphysical Superstore, Learning, and Healing Center located in Indianapolis Indiana.

Heather got interested in working with stones/crystals about 30 years ago. She had been in a serious car accident and worked with traditional medicine with no success. So, she learned about alternative medicines and was able to go back to working on the police force. She is a retired police officer. She also is s Reiki Master and an Ordained Spiritual Minister.

Bonnie Cripe

Bonnie CripeBonnie is a holistic psychotherapist, regression therapist, Coptic minister and Reiki master. Her work focuses on empowering individuals to become aware of the strengths within themselves. She has studied regression therapy and past life therapy throughout the United States and in Europe. Bonnie has conducted a number of workshops throughout the United States as well as internationally on a variety of topics including presenting at the World Congress for Regression Therapists in Izmir, Turkey.

Bonnie's website is www.thecentrebuilding.com.

John Davis

John DavisJohn lives in Wyoming, MI with his wife Nancy Davis.

John Davis is no stranger to The great Lakes Retreat. He is the beloved teacher of many of our past and present retreat presenters & committee members & retreatants. John is the Director of the Coptic Fellowship International, an action-oriented modern philosophy based upon the laws of balanced living, introduced originally by the Egyptian Mystery Schools. He is also Director of the Spiritual Unity of Nations (SUN) dedicated to “The World as One Family.” John is the founder of the World Service Order program, training metaphysical leaders since 1985. He is an Egyptologist who has taken over 29 tours to Egypt. He is an internationally known personal and planetary numerologist who has given over 12,000 numerology readings. John is author of Revelation for Our Time (1998), a positive universal prophecy for the coming times. John's third book will be published this year. John's website is: www.TheKeysToYourDestiny.com.

John will have books for sale in the gift center, The Enlightenment Emporium. He will be available Monday evening at the Authors' Book Signing event. He will also be available during free time for numerology sessions/readings.

Darcy Davis-Beghein

Darcy Davis-BegheinDarcy Davis-Beghein has worked with churches, spiritual organizations, and schools for over 30 years as a speaker, workshop leader, educator, and singer. She was ordained as a Coptic Minister in 2008. She is a Life Coach and lives in Goodyear, AZ - near Sedona - with her husband. She has joined us at The Great Lakes Retreat for several years in the past, and was also our Music Director for several years. Currently, she facilitates and inspires groups and individuals to manifest their dreams through transformative thinking and decisive action to create a life they would love! Her transformational workshops, webinars, and coaching programs teach the invisible side of success through alignment with the Universal Laws.

Darcy will have CDs available for purchase in the gift store, our "Enlightenment Emporium" during free time.

Darcy will also be available for private consultations during free time on Monday through Thursday afternoons. You can visit her website at www.heartstreamlifecoaching.com.

Dani Ehlenfeldt

Dani EhlenfeldtDani Ehlenfeldt is a British Trained Aweyndd, Certified Zentangle Teacher, and Artist. Shamans work from inner knowing, internalizing, and making things their own. In the British tradition they call themselves Awenydd. The work is largely experiential … knowing of and for yourself. Combining her skills as Awenydd and Artist she works to heal the world around her and assist the Beings of Otherworld. Dani has been a member and former Co-Chair of The Great Lakes Retreat Committee. Dani resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Additionally, Dani is participating in a Spirit Animal Telesummit April 24-May 5; you can find more information about this on her website, http://drgnffairy.weebly.com/.

You can also find some of Dani's artwork and her beautiful card deck in the gift store, The Enlightenment Emporium, during free time.

Dani will also be offering counseling/service provider work during the daily free time hours.

Shannon Elhart

Shannon ElhartShannon Elhart has a different approach to living a happy life. She believes you need to dive into your pain (rather than avoid it) to find true, lasting joy. After her newborn’s death, she had a defining moment when she realized she had choice - let that pain define and limit her, or heal it consciously.

Shannon chose to heal, and by doing so she - surprisingly - found more pain from her past: from being raped as a teenager, from addiction to alcohol, from divorce, and from a lifelong struggle with a lack of self-worth. As she healed more and more, she became happier, more confident and fulfilled. She now teaches others how to use their painful pasts to create true happiness and deep fulfillment.

Shannon has a Masters degree in counseling psychology, is a life coach, author, speaker, Reiki Master, and intuitive who reads the Akashic Records. She teaches people worldwide how to heal the pain from their past in her program The Healing Journey. You can learn more about Shannon and her program at http://shannonelhart.com/the-healing-journey-join-us

Normandi Ellis

Normandi EllisNormandi Ellis is back by popular demand for her third summer with us. She is is the author of many books of fiction and non-fiction. She has translated the spiritual classic, Awakening Osiris, from the hieroglyphs in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Normandi is an ordained priestess in the Fellowship of Isis and leads trips to Egypt with ShamanicJourney.com. She is a Spiritualist Medium, Past President of the National Association of the Poetry Therapy Foundation, and a Board Member of the Association of the Study of Women and Mythology. Normandi presents workshops around the country and lives in Camp Chesterfield, IN. The information contained in this year's workshop is drawn from Normandi’s latest book The Union of Isis and Thoth: Initiatory Practices of Ancient Egypt (Bear & Co., 2015). Normandi lives and works in Camp Chesterfield, Indiana. You can visit Normandi's website at: www.normandiellis.com

Normandi will have books for sale in the gift store, The Enlightenment Emporium. Normandi will also be available for private consultation appointments during the free time each day.

Mark Handler

Mark HandlerMark Handler is an international meditative recording artist and certified Amrit Yoga instructor. He specializes in meditative concerts with antique Tibetan Singing Bowls and Tibetan style chant. Northern Express described his music as “incredibly delicious” and “ having the power to go beyond ones ears to the heart and perhaps the soul for inner peace.” The Detroit News headlined his sounds as therapy for the soul.The magical sounds of the bowls on "The Tibetan Singing Bowls Experience" album take you to the deepest levels of the soul where ecstasy, love, and bliss reside. You enter the mysterious domain of divine stillness." Gurudev Yogi Amrit Desai

Mark's webites include www.tibetanbowls.org and www.tibetanbowlexperience.com.

Minnie Kansman

Minnie KansmanMinnie has been an attendee and a presenter many times at TGLR. She has taught classes for us in Feng-Shui, Shinrin Yoko- Forest Immersion, Sacred Space, Drumming, and Fairy Gardens.

Minnie Kansman is a graduate of flora-culture from Michigan State University. She began her teaching and consultation business, Eco~Balance Humanity in Harmony with Nature, in 1994. She is the author of the book Spirit Gardens: Rekindling our Nature Connection. She is also a co-partner in "Mystic Travel", taking groups on sacred journeys around the world. A student of Nature all of her life, her soul’s purpose is to remind others of their Divine relationship with Nature. She lives in Portland, MI with her husband Rein.

Minnie's website is www.minniekansman.com.

Linda Krejcik

Linda KrejcizLinda holds a Master of Science Degree in addition to having traveled five continents acquiring wisdom. She is a Certified Massage Therapist and Master Energy Healer. For the past 33 plus years Linda has used her eclectic knowledge and life experiences to facilitate healing on all levels.

Linda's website is www.LindaBeth.us.

Steve Krejcik

Steve KrejcizSteve Krejcik is a Coptic Board Member and Minister, teacher and healer. He is the founder of Grey Wolf Healing Therapies located in the Chicago suburbs. Steve has helped thousands clear emotional and energetic roadblocks using the techniques of the Q’ero Shamans of Peru. He has published numerous articles on self-improvement and spiritual growth. Steve believes that one’s highest goal in life is to know yourself, and that we measure our spiritual progress by the level of inner peace, joy and love that we feel and express. Steve lives in Brookfield, IL.

Steve will have things for sale in the gift center, The Enlightenment Emporium. He will also be available for private consultations during free time hours in the afternoons Monday through Thursday.

Steve's website is greywolfhealing.com.

Mary Lemons

Mary LemonsMary Lemons teaches workshops, gives lectures, facilitates healing services. She has done intuitive readings and body work at Southeastern Spiritual Conference in Greensboro, NC. She has also taught at Life Spectrums in Pennsylvania, and at the International Expressive Arts Therapists Association Conference in North Carolina. For numerous years she has done Spirit Circles at Catherine Anderson Art Studio in Charlotte, North Carolina and at A.R.E. Retreat in Wildacres, North Carolina. Her various workshops have different focuses, but they all create the sacred space in which we understand the oneness of all creation, and the different ways through which Spirit works in our lives.

Mary Lemons, www.healingwholeself.net, is the founder of Inner Awakenings, a holistic healing practice for all species. A Spiritual Intuitive and Animal Communicator, Mary has helped innumerable people and animals deal with both emotional and physical concerns. She is the author of My Best Friend is Dying: What Do I Do, which is a spiritual and practical journey through your animal’s transition. Mary is a Healing Touch Practitioner, SoulCollage® Facilitator, and Reiki Master. She is also certified in Thymo-Kinesiology for both human and animals. Mary teaches workshops throughout the United States, conducts private sessions in-person or by phone, and facilitates Spirit Circles regularly in Charlotte, NC. Mary lives in Albemarle, NC. This will be her first retreat with us.

Mary will also be offering private consultation sessions during the free time hours; and she will have items for sale in the gift store, the Enlightenment Emporium.

Janet Leonoard

Janet LeonardJanet is one of our regular "Canadian Friends" from Sarnia, Ontario. Janet is very artistic, and is a regular contributor to the GLR Facebook page. She teaches metaphysical & astrology classes in her home town.

Jim Puskala

Jim PuskalaJim is no stranger to the Retreat. He's been a loyal attendee for many years. You will often find him in the Enlightenment Emporium, setting up the fabulous display of stones and treasures for "All My Relations" from Indianapolis, IN. He is also well known for his skits in the Tuesday evening Variety Show, often pulling together other "Hoosiers" for lively entertainment for all of us.

Jim is a certified Reiki Master and an ordained Spiritualist Minister. He uses his intuitive awakening to help others find their path. In 1993 he brought his spiritual awareness to a higher level through attending classes in Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International of St Joseph, MI, and has attended a wide variety of classes and workshops since that time. He also teaches and practices Sound Therapy with Soma Energetic Tuning Forks, Emotional Polarity, Touch for Health, Ama Deus, Whole Life Integration and Reiki.

Amy Auset Rohn

Amy Auset RohnAmy Auset Rohn (she is known as "Auset") is an ordained Priestess of Isis through the Fellowship of Isis, clairvoyant-medium, harpist, spiritual coach, Reiki Master/Teacher and Oracle who leads others on a journey back to themselves through the magic that is Egypt, the body and intuition. Her courses are taught in alignment with the Egyptian Pantheon to help you find clarity, open your intuition and re-ignite your passion for life. They are deeply alchemical and powerful in their practicality. You can find out more about her upcoming courses and how to work with her one-on-one at http://www.thegoddessinside.com/ and her music at http://www.thelittleharpist.com/.

Auset is also an accomplished and recognized photographer, you can see the way she sees the world at http://www.ausetimages.com/

Amy Auset Rohn is an ordained Priestess of Isis through the Fellowship of Isis, clairvoyant-medium, harpist, spiritual coach, Reiki Master/Teacher and Oracle who leads others on a journey back to themselves through the magic that is Egypt, the body and intuition.  Her courses are taught in alignment with the Egyptian Pantheon to help you find clarity, open your intuition and re-ignite your passion for life.  They are deeply alchemical and powerful in their practicality.  

She will also be available during free time on Monday thru Thursday afternoon. She will be offering 2 things:

 1) Soul Song Readings: Intuitive readings combined with music composed using the numerology of your name. Each letter of your name has a vibration that is there to help guide and support you through life's challenges. Each letter of your name also holds keys to understanding and unlocking your soul purpose and deep spiritual clearing which is then translated into your own unique song. Your song holds the memories and lessons of not only this lifetime but within the folds of time to include past, present and future and brings all of them into alignment where you are right now. Within your session you will receive an intuitive reading with oracle cards to help map out your personal story as well as a live performance of your song which is recorded and emailed to you for you to use in meditation to align you to your soul purpose and balance your Chakras. Auset will also discuss your missing notes and help you to work with awakening these channels of energy within your body using the music of your Soul Song. Unique, powerful, and transformative your Soul Song can be used anytime you are feeling a need to recharge your energy in the months and years to come.

2) Photography Session: Private time to have beautiful portraits taken. Her photography sessions will include, but are not limited to, "Natural Goddess Photo Shoot" Every woman is naturally beautiful and these unique healing photo shoots are designed to help you not only to see that within yourself, but to help you believe it. No makeup artist, no stylist, no extreme touch-ups...just you, your inner beauty and your radiance...naturally. There is a short pre-shoot consultation to discuss how you would like to see yourself, things to bring to the shoot, how to prepare for your shoot, and the locations available. Creativity is encouraged and inspiration is inevitable!

Auset will also be playing her harp as part of our Healing Service on Wednesday evening. She will also have photography for sale in the Enlightenment Emporium.

Dusty Russell

Dusty RussellDusty was a first time attendee in 2014, and has presented classes each year since.

Dusty lives in Princeton, Indiana and works as an MSW. She is the owner and clinical director of "Abilities Behavorial Consultations". She is also an active Hospice volunteer, and a Reiki Master, and Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader®. Her past employment includes a job assisting families with international adoptions. In her spare time, she and fellow TGLR attendee & past presenter Jeanna R. Billings maintain a fun and informative Facebook page called "Animal Blessings" and comfort people as their pets make transitions over the rainbow bridge.

Dr. Antonio Sieira

Dr. Antonio SieiraDr Sieira was with us for the first time in 2014, and has held classes each year since. His classes are always full and very popular. We are thrilled he will be with us again this summer.

Dr Antonio Sieira lives in Livonia, MI, with his wife Connie. He holds degrees in psychology, special education, metaphysical sciences and religious studies- he has a Ph.D, M.A, and M.Div. Dr Sieira is a professional member of the American Hypnosis Association and holds certification from the AHA as a Past-Life Regression Therapist, Smoking Cessation Therapist, and a Weight-Loss Therapist. In addition, he is certified as an Alternative Medical Practitioner by the Board of Examiners of the American Alternative Medical Association. Dr Sieira is an ordained minister and Practitioner of Buddhist Philosophies and Teachings. He was a member of the Board of Directors for the Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara from 2010 - 2012. He is the founder and teacher of "The Mindfulness Meditation System". He also maintains a private practice providing psychological & spiritual counseling, and hypnotherapy.

Cyndi Silva

Cyndi SilvaCyndi Silva is a Yoga Teacher, Communal Leader, Human Design Analyst and Genetic Intuitive. She is also the founder of WIN: Wisdom and Intuition Network, an online resource for students and teachers of metaphysics. Through her workshops, private groups and personal sessions, she educates and coaches individuals using mystical concepts in practical terms that liberate and inspire discovery into our intimate purpose and unique potential.

Cyndi's website is www.GeneticAlchemy.com.

Fred Stella

Fred StellaFred Stella serves as the Pracharak (Outreach Minister) for the West Michigan Hindu Temple. He has been lecturing on Hindu Dharma for over 20 years locally, nationally & internationally. He sits on the National Leadership Council of the Hindu American Foundation in Washington, DC, which promotes pluralism, coexistence & social stewardship. Fred is also President of Interfaith Dialogue Association & hosts its program, "Common Threads," weekly on local NPR affiliate, WGVU-FM. Fred lives in Grand Rapids, MI with his wife Therese.

Fred's website is www.westmichiganhindutemple.org.

Rev. Derek Welch

Rev. Derek WelchAn ordained Inter-Faith minister, Derek has been closely following and immersing himself in various faith traditions for the last thirteen years of his life. Finding common threads these wisdom teachings share while allowing them to express freely their specific understandings. This has brought about the knowing that all individuals participate equally in life – that all viewpoints are valuable – and that respect and love is able to given to people whom you wouldn’t have previously thought. It is with this knowing in which he conducts his various forms of Spiritual Counseling, as well as the various classes he has been blessed to hold. With “Unity through Diversity” as his background, he reminds others of the good news: that love is the common thread all life holds. Love, in whatever form – to whatever end.